Day S-(n)

Shamash is still mysteriously absent after bampfing several days ago. The party flees the respectable part of Rockner, where Hunter made a fuss by revealing her hideous skinless self to the guy at the magic shop, acquires some excess paper for Edom’s communication purposes, and heads out of town over Ramrock pass. A whirligig salesman waylays them and sells them the premier “Gold” gnoll-raider-repelling whirligig, throwing in an extra basic Rock Slide Detecting whirligig.

An hour or two into the journey over the pass, The Gold whirligig Rock Slide Alarm starts going off and won’t stop. An hour later there is an actual rockslide, triggered by some gnoll raiders. The PCs easily dispatch the hapless gnolls, mostly by knocking them off the cliff, but the Rock Slide Alarm noise happens to have infuriated a nearby Adult Black Dragon, who comes raining down acid on fleeing gnolls, only to discover they are not, to his surprise, the source of his annoyance. Encouraged by the other party members, Hunter hurls the loud Gold whirligig (retaining her oddly silent Rock Slide Detecting whirligig) off the cliff, and the dragon goes diving wrathfully after it.

The party just manages to carefully get themselves, Poppy and Daffodil over the rock slide area, when the dragon returns.



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