Shamash, of the Druze

Dragonborn Warlord


My parents were Dagovan and Scylla Druze. Druze is also the name of one of the 3 remaining tribes of fire dragons. My father was the youngest of three sons, their father Charibdis was a Warlord and leader of the Druze tribe. As a younger son my father was not in line to take over, having not met a Druze tribe member since I was seperated from my parents I don’t know who currently leads them. It is possible that Charibdis is still in charge or that my uncle Bowgart has been named tribal leader. I was born somewhere in the far north in the mountains, but my father was sent on a diplomatic mission to one of the Costal Kingdoms in the far south. (Whichever is furthest south on your map). I know that my home town was called Bagon, but don’t remember exactly where it is as we left when I was 2. I have little to no memory of my grandfather or uncles. The Druze tribe protects part of the nothern mountians against orcs, goblins and all evil, keeping the mountain passes open and maintaining their tribal traditions. My first real childhood memories are of the ocrean and sandy beaches. I have always wanted to sail along the coast and become a mariner. When I was 5 a great army of orcs, and hobgoblins came down from the north crossed the Seinya (the big river) and fell upon the inland villages of the Southern Kingdom. My parents and their small entourage traveled inland to help the beleagured towns and were ambushed at night by a large party of hobgoblins. My mother shoved me into a stream just as the attack began and I was swept away by the current. I was just able to make out the symbol of the hobgoblin tribe a white field with a dead black tree and to see that their leader had a hideous scar running diagonally across his face. Dazed and shocked I was swept down stream for a mile or more before I was able to regain the bank. I rushed back only to find my parents dead along with the entire party. Traumatized I staid there until a group of humans traveling my canoe down the river spotted the remains of the battle and came to investigate. The humans were the equivalent of gypsys, a group of traveling nomads not part of the southern kingdom and they were heading south fleeing the war. They took me with them and I staid with them until I was 10 learning magic tricks, juggling and other amusements they used to make money. In the far south we came upon a tribe of cold dragons known as the Deliala. They were not in contact with the northern tribes, but they took me in a helped me remember my Draconic and learn about Dragonborn culture and History. I became fascinated by the pround history of my people and obsessed with the idea of revenge against the hobgoblins that killed my parents. As I reached puberty I went through the traditional tests of manhood and became a young warrior.

I left the Deliala tribe at 15 headed north hoping to eventually learn something about the hobgoblins and to eventually find my own tribe in the north. I traveled through much of the Southern Kingdom trying to find out how the war had turned out and what had become of the maruading army. Little to nothing was known except that the main evil army had been defeated in an incredibly bloody battle, and that while raids did still occur at times the main threat had passed at least for the moment. While in the far west of the kingdom I stumbled upon three hobgoblins wearing the symbold of the white field and dead black tree. I fell upon them, killed two and tried to capture the other, but he killed himself. Rifiling through their pockets I came upon a scrap of paper that indicated they had recently been in contact with someone from Riverton, or perhaps they had raided some of the settelments nearby and picked up a piece of mail from Riverton. In any case I decided to head west toward that area and see what I could find. Arriving in town I met Ander as you know, but he had never heard of the hobgoblins nor had anyone else. I am hoping at some point to ask the leaders of Rivertons three factions what they know about this evil tribe.

The Deliala soon recognized my abilities as a leader and began to instruct me in the skills of a warlord. Like my own tribe they protected their territory from evil, and had need of skilled warriors. However, not being a cold dragonborn I couldn’t ever really become a member of the tribes elite another factor that lead me to strike north on my own.

Shamash, of the Druze

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