Riverton is a bustling metropolis, by far the largest city East of the Coastal Kingdoms and West of the Barrens. It was the capital city of the old Kingdom of Riverton.

Like most settlements in these uncertain times, but perhaps even more so due to its size and location, a significant portion of its population at any moment is made up of transients. The population can fluctuate by tens of thousands, so there are an awful lot of inns and restaurants and other establishments catering to travelers, spanning the entire spectrum from luxury to squalor. It’s safe to say there are more than four hundred thousand permanent residents.

On its steady journey westward to the ocean, the mile-wide Solom river turns sharply North, then West, South, and West again, creating a hilly, land-locked peninsula of sorts. This is where Riverton sprung up, longer ago than any available histories record. One can feel the city’s age. Its streets and avenues twist and intertwine haphazardly. Every building is built on the foundation of an older one built on the foundation of yet an older one, and any little alley might lead to some forgotten plaza or abandoned alcove.

The racial majority here is human, but many others are seen with regularity. Dwarves from the various settlements in the mountains to the North and West, or even from the great Dwarven city 600 miles North, are known to pass through, occasionally settling down. Half-Elves and Elves are common, as the great majority of wilderness surrounding Riverton is given over to Elf-friendly forests. Eladrin might venture through, but they are usually mistaken (even by some Elves) for unusually pale, arrogant Elves. Halflings are also very common, and there are many Halfling towns and villages all along the Solom to the East and West.

The people of Riverton know a Dragonborn when they see one, and most know from experience that they are a polite and honorable race, but only a very, very few actually live in the city, ten or 15 perhaps. By most, they are treated with respect and deference bordering on ridiculous when they are sighted. There is a neutral Dragonborn “nesting place” in the high desert 700 miles Northwest.

There is a population of Tieflings in Riverton, but they are largely disliked or at least avoided by the human population, and there are basically two career paths considered appropriate for them: policing, or crime. If Tiefling settlements or cities exist in the central lands, they are unknown to most.

On August 18th of ME516 Anom Dasmelt declared himself the first king of Riverton since the end of Armigna V’s reign in ME452.

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